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San Diego Psychologist Kevin Fawcett, Ph.D.


Making the decision to begin therapy can be extremely difficult but the result can be highly rewarding--and life changing.  I applaud your willingness to take this first and courageous step by seeking more information.


I provide therapy services for adolescents, adults, couples, and families struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and many other life or relationship problems.  I think you will find the answers to most of your questions on this site, but feel free to reach out for more information.  I would be happy to help if I can and am hoping we have a chance to meet!

*Post-Covid Update*

In March of 2020, I made a difficult choice to transition into providing virtual therapy (aka teletherapy).  This decision was made to help participate in the communal effort to slow the spread of COVID and because my office building was closed to guests during the crisis.


While many shared my strong preference for meeting in person, most people have eventually found it to be a convenient and effective alternative.  Teletherapy is very much like normal therapy, just done over the computer or phone (just like a FaceTime call).  There are some great advantages to online therapy: no travel time, no parking challenges, the convenience of home, etc.


However, for those who remained interested in meeting in person, I also began offering outdoor sessions either meeting in a park or going for a walk together.  This too has become a welcomed alternative...a nice way to get some time outside!

The combination of these two modalities has worked so well, I haven't yet felt the need to return to a more traditional office environment, and it allows my clients to choose which they prefer on a week-to-week basis. Please contact me if you have questions about these options.


Take care!


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"Thank you so much for being such an instrumental part of the journey and walking alongside me.  You were patient, caring, and gentle, but did not shy away from pushing or challenging me.  You not only asked me to see things differently, but were a great model of these new ideas through your actions."

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