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Individual Therapy ................

​Couples Therapy ..................


​​Family Therapy ....................

$180 per session


$200 per session


$200 per session

Payment Options: Cash or check is preferrable, but I am able to accept credit cards upon request.

Reduced Fees

I make an effort to reserve some spots in my caseload for college students and other low-income clients.  If my full fee is beyond your budget, it may be possible to make other fee arrangements based on need.  Please feel free to ask about this option.


Free Consultation

I offer free 30-min consultation meetings for those interested.  The main goals during this time are for us to get to know one another, to determine if we are a right fit for one another, and to allow you to ask any questions you may have about me or the therapy process itself.  If you choose to, you may share a bit about why it is that you are seeking help and from there we can discuss if therapy is the best choice for you. 



I am not currently contracted with insurance carriers at this time.  However, most people with PPO plans will still be able to use their insurance benefits.  Even though I would be considered an out-of-network provider, I can provide assistance in this process.  


Using your insurance benefits to help pay for therapy can certainly help keep your costs down.  However, there are many potential disadvantages of using your insurance benefits that are important to consider.  For these reasons, I have intentionally chosen to minimize contracting with insurance companies.  Please review my FAQ page for more information about the advantages and disadvantages of using your insurance benefits.

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