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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves regularly scheduled one-on-one ​sessions, typically on a weekly basis.  When beginning individual therapy, I will be conducting an initial assessment that will last anywhere from 1-4 sessions.  It is my aim during this evaluation to not only understand what it is that you are seeking help for, but also to begin creating a space for safety, authenticity, and compassionate dialogue.  From this place, we can work collaboratively to identify treatment goals and a plan for reaching those goals.  For more information, please see my FAQ page.

I conduct individual therapy with adolescents and adults from all backgrounds and have professional interests in working with the following presenting issues:

- personal growth
- Identity development
- spiritual identity issues
- men's issues
- adolescent issues
- college-age issues

- depression
- anxiety and stress
- trauma/PTSD
- relational problems
- career issues
- substance issues

- existential issues
- life transition issues
- grief and loss
- self-acceptance
- mindfulness
- the hero's journey

Couples Therapy

Whether you are in a new dating relationship, newly engaged or married, or have been married for years, couples therapy can be an excellent--and highly effective--way to stregthen the bond with your partner.

Couples are best understood within the context of their "system" and, just like a hanging mobile, movement of one piece of the system inevitably affects the other. When couples are experiencing high levels of distress, it is usually a sign that they have have fallen into repetitive patterns of conflict, or negative interactional cycles, and are having a hard time breaking out.  Most arguments appear to be related to issues of money, household chores, raising children, sex, etc.  However, these arguments are usually being fueled by protests of not feeling safe, secure, or connected in the relationship.


Couples therapy begins with a 4 session assessment that is used to help understand your interactional "dance."  Borrowing from the EFT approach (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy), my aim is to help couples understand the unspoken tendencies that are reinforcing their problematic interactional patterns and to begin shaping new patterns of behavior that are more likely to secure their emotional bond.

Teletherapy Sessions

Teletherapy refers to the provision of therapy services through telecommunication technologies.  The process of teletherapy would be similar to what we might do in person, but is done via videoconferencing (something similar to FaceTime or Skype), phone calls, and/or emails and text messages.  While there are certainly some disadvantages of teletherapy, such as brief connection issues or difficulty picking up on non-verbal cues, there are a number of potential advantages such as improved flexibility and availability.  Teletherapy may be a great option if you are ill, out of the area for extended periods of time, or otherwise not able to meet in person.  If you are interested in more details, please feel free to contact me.

Walk and Talk/Outdoor Sessions

Walk and Talk Therapy (or Outdoor Therapy) is a form of psychotherapy that incorporates walking or sitting outside while addressing therapeutic issues. As an alternative to virtual meetings, I offer walk and talk sessions as an optional treatment modality. Some of the activities we may participate in include walking on sidewalks or exploring public parks and other open spaces. The focus of the experience is therapy, not exercise.

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